Gartner Names Interapt a Cool Vendor in the Digital Workplace

Interapt is pleased to announce that Gartner Inc., the world’s leading research and analysis firm, has named Interapt a 2015 Cool Vendor in the Digital Workplace! If you don’t know about Gartner Cool Vendors, you might ask: Why is this a big deal?  One reason is in the past five years,…

Your Fitness is Your New Credit Score

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Here in Louisville, where my company Interapt is headquartered, the Greater Louisville Project has sought to determine how our community ranks among 17 peer cities, based on four “Deep Drivers“ of competition.  Under the “Health Behaviors” driver, Louisville ranks 15th.  That low ranking makes it clear our community must take a critical look…

Music Royalties and Why It’s Important

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Since Apple announced their new Music streaming feature will provide three free months, there has been a lot of discussing “intellectual properties” of artists. Taylor Swift even took a stand for independent artists by writing an open letter to Apple about changing their decision to pay bands during their three…

Interapt recaps Robert Scoble’s Latest Visit to Louisville

This past Tuesday, Interapt ventured to the Muhammad Ali center for the Louisville Digital Association Future of Tech event with guest speaker Robert Scoble from Rackspace. Scoble is a respected blogger in the Tech community with an understanding of the direction technology is moving. Interapt was a sponsor for the…

What Louisville Can Learn from Boulder, CO, and Pivotal Labs

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This past week the Interapt team visited Boulder, CO to observe how that city is embracing the newer trends and culture of the software development community, specifically in the Boulder offices of Pivotal Labs, a software development company headquartered in San Francisco that specializes in agile development methodology.  There’s a lot that…

Interapt Attends Google I/O 2015: Key Takeaways

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If you spent any time on social media last week, you likely saw tech journalists posting about Google’s latest and greatest developments revealed at its annual developer conference, known as Google I/O. Interapt’s own Ankur Gopal (CEO) and Mike Nguyen (Tech Lead) were in attendance, and besides enjoying the Google…

Junior Achievement Hits Home Run with JA Pitch Competition

Teams from Louisville area high schools presented competitive business ideas to a panel of judges in Junior Achievement’s inaugural JA Pitch Competition & Showcase.

JA Pitch Competition Brings “Shark Tank” to Junior Achievement Mission

Students from area high schools have been selected as finalists for Junior Achievement’s inaugural Pitch Competition Showcase, where teams will pitch their business ideas to a panel of entrepreneurs that includes Interapt CEO Ankur Gopal.

President Obama Visits Louisville to Promote Technology Jobs and Programs

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President Obama recently visited Louisville to promote his Tech Hire Initiative and recognize local companies that are working towards the same goal of providing technology skills to the American workforce.

JA Students Attend Interapt’s Latest Mobile App Workshop

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Interapt recently conducted our mobile app development workshop with Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana students from Pleasure Ridge Park High School. The workshop gives students the opportunity to learn about hi-tech innovation and what it takes to design and market an app. Interapt senior staff led the first segment of the workshop, describing what Interapt does and the start-to-finish…