Three Ways Secure Messaging Improves Care Coordination

Healthcare providers and physicians almost never work alone.  Collaboration and care coordination, with the help of secure messaging, ensures that patients’ health needs are being met and addressed by the right people. There are three main reasons a secure messaging app improves care coordination throughout a healthcare system...


How to Solve the Biggest Healthcare Communication Problems

Healthcare professionals are driven by the task of saving lives, and they’re looking to increase their productivity without losing quality of patient care. How can you do this while not breaking down communication? Read Interapt's latest blog about how to solve the biggest healthcare communication problems


How Mobile Apps are Helping the Healthcare Industry

As technology and smartphones become more sophisticated and faster, so are the apps and their capabilities and use.

We'’re especially seeing this in the medical industry. With 2,000+ apps launching daily, the only way to cut through the clutter is to launch a daily utility app that people will use as often as Facebook.


What We’'d Like to See in a Hospital’'s App

Healthcare and hospital apps are one of the new areas of mobile app development we're delving into. And given the increasing growth in the healthcare industry as a whole, this looks to be a growing area for mobile app usage as well.

We're developing hospital apps that monitor a patient’s health, and we’re writing algorithms that can help the patients take care of themselves, while also notifying hospitals in the event of emergencies.