Interapt Employee Spotlight: Jared Giles

Jared Giles was hired on as a project manager, but offers way more to Interapt than just his management skills. With goals to both help Interapt grow and become a world famous dancer, Jared is one guy Interapt could not do without.


Developing Mobile Apps for Pro Sports Teams

The Fantasy Football craze is just one of the many indications that there is a very real demand for fan apps. But we remember the days of Rotisserie Baseball, where you were updating your sheets on a daily basis. All the sports teams have finally realized they need a website — thankfully, most of them realized it 8 - 12 years ago — but now, we're waiting for them to realize they need a mobile app as well.


Finding Software Developers in the Midwest

Writing software is like being an artist. Everyone has their own style and their own signature. The really good ones are recognized in their field, and are highly sought after, because they produce some great quality work.

Of course, a difficulty we face in Louisville is trying to find high-quality software developers who live in the Midwest. They're found throughout the globe, but sometimes it takes some effort to get them to come here.