Interapt Employee Spotlight: Mike Nguyen

Journeying from Vietnam to the United States as a child, Mike Nguyen eventually found his way to Interapt and became our Lead Technology Developer, backend manager, and video game guru. Watch and see why he's just the right person to help Interapt build successful high-tech.


Interapt Employee Spotlight: Jared Giles

Jared Giles was hired on as a project manager, but offers way more to Interapt than just his management skills. With goals to both help Interapt grow and become a world famous dancer, Jared is one guy Interapt could not do without.


2013: A Tech Odyssey, Part 2 -- Apple's Sauce Loses Its Flavor

I still remember seeing the first iPhone commercial.  That easy, light tune plucking away, while on-screen someone’s (very well-manicured) hand navigated the web effortlessly using touchscreen motions I’d never seen, and then came the reveal: This was also a phone?!  But they didn’t show me that clunky internet experience I’d had on mobile phones before; no, the screen reoriented itself to landscape view in order to see pages better, and zooming to easier read the fine details was as simple as a pinch-and-expand of the screen—a gesture I had never seen before, and yet inst