FAQ > TechHire Eastern Kentucky (TEKY)

The funding for this program includes guidelines that qualify applicants based primarily on three main categories: Location, Education, and Employment.

Location: Our internship program is primarily intended to engage residents of Eastern KY, especially displaced coal miners and "community impact" populations that are affected indirectly by the retraction of the coal industry.  A list of counties included can be found at the EKCEP website here.

Education: Our program is seeking candidates who have completed high school, but perhaps have not yet completed post-secondary education or gone to work in a meaningful occupation.  Applicants must be fluent in spoken and written English.

Employment: We are seeking applicants who would be classified as unemployed or underemployed.  This means if you are currently employed and making above $14/hour, then it is highly unlikely you will be selected.


- The Interapt Team