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Interapt is an award-winning technology development firm that was founded right here in Kentucky.

We build cutting-edge mobile and wearable solutions that support operational workflow in healthcare, manufacturing, and large employers (500+ employees in multiple locations). We are committed to delivering solutions with advanced programming, seamless design, and intuitive user experience.

We are now expanding operations and establishing an internship program through TechHire Eastern Kentucky (TEKY), because we believe we can find the programming talent here and, in conjunction with efforts by other tech businesses in the region such as Bit Source, Mountain Tech Media, Mill Creek Software, and Vizadoc, foster a successful, thriving high-tech ecosystem in the region.

(Some more Frequently Asked Questions about TEKY can be found here in the sidebar, or under the TechHire Eastern Kentucky (TEKY) heading on Interapt's FAQ page)

To apply to TEKY, you can click here.


- The Interapt Team