Compliant Care Team Communication

HIPAA-compliant messaging that helps your care team deliver higher quality care using your mobile device.

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Market Solutions


Push Your Station
Beyond the Stereo

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Your Venue.

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Connect Your
Disconnected Workforce

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Envision it. Create it. Togglit.

How do you turn vision into action? With our CMS, bring your content to life. Easily update and manage your user experience. All in one place.

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Google Glass & Wearables

Wearable Tools that Enhance Your Business

Integrate Google Glass and cutting-edge wearable technology to train, manage, and communicate with your employees. Improve your company’s bottom line, using data to achieve higher efficiency and better performance.

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Solving your Specific Business Challenges

Tough business problems need better high-tech solutions, so we learn your pain points and solve them with creativity and passion. Let’s chat.

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