What is Togglit?

Today’s workforce is mobile. Is your communication strategy keeping up?  We built Togglit to make it easier and faster for companies to keep their employees engaged.

The robust functionality within Togglit includes push notifications, events calendar, and other third-party integrations. The content you push to your app is easily managed from an intuitive admin console, with no coding or IT experience needed.

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How Togglit Keeps Your Users Engaged

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Connected Workforce

Company emails and flyers are inefficient uses of your time and resources. Togglit enables rapid mobile communication for delivering key company messaging to your workforce, whether they’re remote, deskless, or on-site.

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Secure Messaging

Utilize end-to-end encryption for safer, more secure employee communication that complies with even the strictest privacy regulations within your industry.

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Training Modules

Togglit is the perfect platform for enhancing your training, continuing education, and other learning initiatives. Our database tracks the time users spend, their scores, and other data that can be exported to your Learning Management System.

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Push Notifications

The statistics for push alerts vs. emails say it all:

Anyone Can Manage Togglit, No Coding Required

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Easy Customization

What do your employees see when they open your app? Your staff controls the images, links, and information displayed on your app’s home feed. The user-facing mobile app is white-labeled to be consistent with your company’s branding.

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Custom Content Pods

Customize the “pods” that appear on your app’s Home Feed to control content within each pod, direct where each pod is targeted, and dictate how each pod looks and responds.

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