Turn Possibilities Into Visible Results

Wearable technology is a new frontier, but our clients have already proven its potential and seen real results, because we only build wearable tools that make business sense. Wearables might not do everything better, but there’s a lot they can do best.

Outsmart the competition


Google Glass Training

Reduce operational costs.

Virtually hands free, improving sanitation and safety.

Decrease overall training time.

Google Glass Streaming

Real time collaboration at any time, from anywhere.

Experts no longer have to be on-site to provide quick and personalized help to staff, consumers, patients, or clients.

Improve overall cost efficiency by fixing problems sooner.


Healthcare platforms use fitness tracking to improve patient care and monitor physical activity.

Seamless integration of all mobile products for smartwatches like Apple Watch and Android Gear.


Drive foot traffic and consumer engagement with push notifications automatically sent to devices from beacons.

Maps and location services tied to beacons can provide consumers with easy navigation through your venue.

Give your consumers a reason to return with coupons and promotions based on data gathered by beacons.