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Engage Your Workforce

Togglit is a faster and easier way for companies to keep their employees engaged using a customizeable mobile app platform.

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Compliant Encrypted Communication

A HIPAA-compliant messaging app that helps your team deliver quality care within a secure mobile environment.

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Technical Compliance Perfected

A mobile workflow handoff application that enhances compliance for employees working within multiple teams and locations.

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Google Glass & Wearables

Wearable Tools that Enhance Your Business

Integrate Google Glass and cutting-edge wearable technology to train, manage, and communicate with your employees. Improve your company’s bottom line, using data to achieve higher efficiency and better performance.

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Enterprise Solutions

Solving your Specific Business Challenges

Tough business problems need better high-tech solutions, so we learn your pain points and solve them with creativity and passion. Let’s chat.

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Workforce Engagement

The 2017 Mobile Engagement Manual for HR Leaders

Get our free guide to implementing mobile technology that can increase productivity, engagement, and retention for any HR team.

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