The Workforce Engagement Suite


Mobile Workforce CMS

Make it easy for every employee to access employer content and resources anywhere, right from their own smartphones – regardless of whether they have a corporate email or computer.

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Secure Workforce Messaging

Empower your team with a text messaging app that's totally customizeable and completely secure, including HIPAA compliance for healthcare organizations.

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GPS Economic Data Mapping

Your GPS-powered app pulls and displays robust economic data linked to your current location or to a given address within your region.

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Custom Innovation for the Enterprise

Leverage our team of world-class talent to build a custom solution for your organization. We'll guide you through our unique product design and development process to ensure we reach your innovation objectives.

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Wearables & IOT

Custom Technology for the Connected Workforce

Embrace the "cutting-edge" in workforce technology, using wearables like Google Glass and other connected smart devices to assist with employee training, managing, and communications.

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Who Is Interapt?

Interapt builds technology that drives growth and engagement for the modern workforce.

We offer a suite of workforce technology solutions as well as custom development services for large-scale organizations.



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