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How to Fill the Tech Talent Gap

Through our IMPACT program, we are training the next wave of software developers. With a focus on diversity and inclusion, we provide traditionally overlooked individuals the opportunity to develop foundational coding and programming skills, offering them a chance for a new career path. Technology is the future, and we are changing lives one line of code at a time.

How does this model work?

Interapt provides software training through partnerships with local philanthropic organizations and companies. Training is provided at no cost to students, with the ultimate goal of providing them the knowledge and skills to launch a technology-oriented career.

By partnering with employers in the area, we identify needs and demand. Throughout our course, students will gain experience with different programming languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. After this introductory training in software fundamentals, students complete customized training modules to prepare for jobs with partner companies. Level up!

Who do we train?

Our mission is to provide upward economic mobility to those traditionally marginalized by society. We focus on communities in need of economic development by training overlooked individuals and transitioning soldiers. 

What makes us different?

While traditional coding bootcamps focus on teaching specific skills in a short period of time, our approach provides students foundational technical and business skills to take charge of their own career development. 

At the conclusion of our program, our students enter a registered Apprenticeship Program, approved by the Department of Labor. As apprentices, individuals are placed in year-long engagements with Interapt or other partner companies. Under the supervision of seasoned Senior Developers, apprentices receive the guidance and professional development necessary to emerge as a Junior Developer.

Historically, our graduates have a 94% success rate in obtaining employment after completion of our program.

We provide the Skills. You provide the hustle.

Current Opportunities

Seeking Candidates for Software Engineering training in our Java Immersive Program

Starting in November 2021, Interapt and General Assembly will be launching a full-time training and apprenticeship program for Atlanta-GA, Chicago-IL, Louisville-KY, Cincinnati-OH, and Frankfort-KY  area residents looking to build Software Engineering into their skill sets. This program delivers thousands of dollars’ worth of value at no cost to participants. 

Interapt and General Assembly have developed a 12-week training program designed to equip participants with the latest tech skills. After the program, selected graduates will gain a full year of qualified Software Engineering experience with our apprenticeship program. 

Build Essential Skills

Get hands-on experience with Java, the most popular programming language used by leading institutions and companies worldwide, through GA’s award-winning curriculum!  

Through this free, full-time 12-week program, you will learn how to build responsive websites with HTML and CSS tools and leverage JavaScript to create highly interactive websites. Dive into the Spring Boot framework to create scalable web applications and learn the Angular approach to building performant and scalable web applications in high demand, no matter the industry! 

Most importantly, you’ll connect with experts, dedicated career coaches, and a global alumni network. 

How to Apply

Click Here for the Interapt’s application portal. Fill out the form on the page and someone will review your application. Admissions are open until October 2021.


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