At Interapt, we’re more than just a technology company. That's because we believe in today’s connected world, every company is a technology company.

That's why we’re here to help you: Because useful, reliable, and effective high-tech solutions are no longer merely an extension of a business—they play an important role in any successful business growth strategy.

For the past seven years and counting, Interapt has proven that great technology can be built outside of Silicon Valley. Our enterprise solutions include a mix of mobile apps for smartphones, tablets, Google Glass, wearables, and other connected devices.

Our work focuses on implementing new technologies in the workplace, enriching customer and employee engagement, solving operational challenges, and securing new opportunities. We've partnered with companies from the Fortune 500 through small- & mid-sized businesses in Healthcare, Media, Fast Food, Insurance, Utilities and Government.

We are also finding innovative ways to drive the growth and development of our economy through social impact.  That's why we founded the TEKY program, a workforce development initiative focused on skilling up economically depressed regions by teaching underemployed residents how to code mobile apps and be guaranteed employment upon completion of the program.

Our team's sole mission is to help yours work better, faster, and smarter. That's why we empower our clients with the high-tech tools they need – because when they win, we win.

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