About Interapt

Who is Interapt?

Interapt is an award-winning mobile and wearable technology solutions partner that has been trusted by businesses in mid-America for the past seven years and counting. We partner with companies from the Fortune 500 through small- & mid-sized businesses in Media, Fast Food, Healthcare, Insurance, Utilities and Government.

Our clients rely on us to enrich customer and employee engagement, solve operational challenges, and secure new opportunities. Our enterprise solutions include a mix of mobile apps, Google Glass, wearables, and implementing new technologies in the workplace. We are your one stop shop for mobile apps in Louisville.

Why use us?

By working with us, companies have:

  • Created new revenue streams
  • Created targeted marketing campaigns with trackable ROI
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Gained new customers
  • Engaged Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, and Millennials who embrace mobile technology

What can you expect?

We don’t just sell technology and leave you to figure the rest out—we train and educate our clients on best practices and cutting edge solutions that their customers want. We follow and track programs and stay connected with our clients every step of the way.

Plain and simple: If our clients don’t win, we don’t win. We empower them with the tools and strategies they need to succeed.

Send an email to info@interapt.com and we’ll take it from there!

Any platform. Any device.