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CEO & Founder

Ankur Gopal is Interapt’s founder and CEO. Driven by the need to develop skilled talent, Ankur created a 6-month paid training program, which has now turned into one of the leading IT Apprenticeship models in the US.

Ankur is the recipient of the EY Entrepreneur of The Year, 40 Under 40, Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame, and Business First’s Business of the Year. In 2020, he was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur, a global distinction that recognizes and supports the world’s highest growth companies. In addition, his alma mater, the University of Illinois, honored him as their 2018 Commencement Speaker.

Ankur has been a featured speaker at The University of Chicago, Stanford University, and Mckesson’s Annual Meeting. In addition, he speaks at conferences and corporations worldwide on creating high-tech job opportunities by blending capitalism, altruism, and entrepreneurship.

View Ankur’s TED Talk, “Opportunity as a Service: Igniting Human Potential”

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