Become a Partner


Technical talent is critical to success in the modern economy. As a partner in this program you’ll access a new channel of diverse and skilled talent while making a life-changing impact on your community.

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Reduce Time
to Hire

Interapt and General Assembly will identify, recruit, screen and assess candidates. Our process accelerates time to hire and delivers talent customized to your needs.

Diversify Your Talent Pipeline

With an eye to the future, your company seeks to enhance its existing tech talent pipeline and energize the organization.

Skills Gaps

Your current team is struggling to keep pace with rapidly changing technology and lacks new, emerging skills needed to deliver on key projects.

De-risk Entry-level

Interapt’s team provides ongoing training, mentorship, and project management, ensuring team members continue growing their skill sets while delivering quality work.

Kickstart New

Bogged down by requests and projects, your internal IT team lacks the bandwidth to take on new mission-critical initiatives.

Improve Employee Retention

Employees value an organization that contributes to their community and causes, and your organization can retain key employees by demonstrating its impact.

Impact Your

Your organization not only wants to do great business — it also wants to make a meaningful impact in the local community.

Change Lives

Your organization will provide a life-changing opportunity to a deserving individual, kickstarting their career and providing upward economic mobility.