David Doan joined Interapt in March after graduating from the Java Developer Cohort with Interapt Skills. David is currently working on our engagement with CVS Health as a Junior Software Developer. David resides in Georgia.

Q: What were you doing before Interapt?

A: Creating websites to practice my programming.

Q: What brought you to Interapt?

A: The Software engineering Java immersive Bootcamp.

Q: What do you like about working at Interapt?

A: The challenging problems that I solve and the teamwork.

Q: How has your career grown since starting at Interapt?

A: It has grown well because I am learning more about how a company works and how working on a team as a software engineer in an extreme programming environment is.

Q: What would you share with someone interested in Interapt’s training programs?

A: Try to make the best of your experience and learn as much as possible. Grow your knowledge with the opportunities.

Q: Describe one accomplishment you are really proud of.

A: I am proud that I can work in a software engineering team and meet expectations with my performance.

Q: Please share a little about yourself.

A: I like to play video games, listen to music, and watch movies.

Q: What hashtag(s) describe your personality best?

A: #determined and #grateful