January is National Mentorship Month across the United States, a time for us celebrate the power of nurturing relationships and teaching skills that last a lifetime. 

Mentorship at Interapt provides community impact with programs that reskill and upskill a diverse workforce of lifelong learners. The Interapt Skills model is focused on building bridges between access and opportunity by pairing talent with immersive technical training and mentors throughout their learning and employment experience. Interapt’s Software Consulting team also relies on mentorship through the IMPACT program, where we utilize junior talent and continue to nourish their learnings throughout their tenure until ultimately transitioning into a mentor role for incoming junior talent. Mentorship at Interapt provides community impact with programs that reskill and upskill a diverse workforce of lifelong learners.   

“The great thing about mentorship is, if done correctly, both the mentor and the mentee will learn new things.” – Merabeth Martin, President of Interapt Skills

Did you know 84% of Fortune 500 companies and 100% of Fortune 50 companies have mentorship programs? (source). 87% of mentors and mentees feel empowered by their mentoring relationships and have developed greater confidence (source) 

Interapt Skills is so invested in this component of the apprenticeship pathway that we’ve built an entire Talent Success team led by Mel Trass, Vice President of Interapt Skills, Whitney Woodruff, Director of Talent Success and Makayla Owens, Talent Success Manager. The team coaches talent through the ups and downs of learning new skills. They are involved in our junior talent’s journey every step of the way and committed to ensuring their long-term success. 

In addition, Interapt is RockIT Women’s 2023 Mentor Program Sponsor, an initiative dedicated to pairing early-to-mid female professionals interested in technology to senior women leaders in tech. You can read more about this impactful program here 


“The best ways to increase wisdom are through mistakes and mentors.”    – Jennifer Redden, President of Software Systems

With January ending swiftly, we encourage you to recognize that special mentor in your own life. If you are a business leader seeking to build a sustainable pipeline of untapped talent or wish to leverage diverse talent for your technology needs, our talent is well positioned to bring their best self to the table.  

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