2021 | INTERAPT ACCELERATES Chicago SKILLS Cohort launched with CVS Frankfort SKILLS Cohort launched with City of Frankfort & EY Interapt featured in PBS Newshour Special Became an MBE-certified NMSDC company


2020 | INTERAPT EXCELS GE Appliance partners with Interapt to place 4 apprentices in software development roles Exploring new nationwide partnership opportunities with EY


2019 | INTERAPT CONNECTS Interapt and General Assembly announce official partnership Louisville/Skills cohort launches EY and Elavon partner with Interapt to place 10 apprentices in IT roles


2018 | INTERAPT EXPANDS Second training cohort (Barren County, KY) completed Partnership with City of Refuge expand training program to Atlanta


2017 | INTERAPT ADVANCES Candidate for the Endeavor Louisville Program Creation of IT Apprenticeship in KY approved by the Department of Labor